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Sugarland's Pet Memorials

Step by Step Instructions

We hope that this website is simple and easy to use for everyone and have worked hard to make it so. Just in case we are including this page with step by step instructions to help you through the registration and memorial submission process. If you would like to open this page in a new window click here.

For Instructions on How to Submit a Memorial Click HERE.

How to Register

In order to place a Memorial on this site you must first register. This process only takes a minute. Once registered you will be able to place as many Memorials as you would like. Registration is free but there is a small fee for placing each memorial (see Pricing).

Location of Register button on top menu

  1. Click on the "Register" button on the top menu on the screen.

  2. You must fill in each field to register.
    1. USERNAME: Choose a username that you can remember (you will be asked for this each time you sign in).
    2. EMAIL: Enter your current email address where we can contact you and send you a password.
    3. FIRST NAME: Enter your first name.
    4. LAST NAME: Enter your last name.
    5. STREET ADDRESS: Enter your current address.
    6. CITY: Enter the city of your current address.
    7. STATE: Enter your state.
    8. ZIP CODE: Enter your zip code.
    9. COUNTRY: Enter your country.
    10. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? Select an option for how you found our website.
    11. VALIDATION CODE: Finally enter the validation code you see written in the white box (capitalization in not important).

  3. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom.

  4. You will now be sent your initial password to the email address that you entered while registering.
    1. Go to your email to get your password.
    2. From your email there are two ways to sign in.
      1. Click on the link in the email to be signed in automatically
      2. Click "Login" on the top menu and enter the username and password supplied in the email.

  5. You are now successfully registered!

  6. Once you have signed on you can go to "My Profile" in the User menu to change your password or any of your user information. It is not required but we highly suggest that you change your password to something that is easy for you to remember rather than using the initial password that we supply.

Location of My Profile on User Menu


CLICK HERE to go to the next step (SUBMITING MEMORIALS)