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On Writing Memorials

Some thoughts on writing a Memorial  for your friend and companion

Writing your Memorial often covers a wide range of emotions.  Everyone is very different how they face loss and grief based on their backgrounds, experiences, and how they express themselves.   Memorials are an expression of you and the relationship you have with your beloved pet companions. 

You can visit the Memorials that have already been posted on this site (click here). These may provide some examples of how different people have memorialized their animal friends and companions.  Some are brief and some are lengthy.  Some tell the story of the relationship that was shared together, while others are simply, “I love you and miss you”- that says it all.  Many Memorials are expressed through poetry. 

We encourage and support you to write from your heart and soul; many times the emptiness that I felt, the deep hole in my heart along with the tears rolling down my cheeks, somehow lessened as I got to my computer and started writing a letter to my friend and companion, there were moments of laughter and a feeling of my companions presence.

What I can share with you is that those private moments that I spent writing the Memorial helped to recall the many wonderful times we shared.  The ability to visit what I wrote as often as I wanted, including seeing the pictures that were posted, helped so very much.  This experience that we found so valuable is what we wanted to share with you to perhaps provoke some ideas as you write to your special friend and companion.

The important thing is to remember the good times and that your Memorial is celebrating the life of your beloved companion and one that can be shared with anyone who visits your site.

Memorials come from the heart and soul of each individual and are a reminder of how precious time together is as we go through our daily tasks.  Memorials live on in perpetuity and connect you and your companion between our two worlds.

Warmest regards,